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28 December 2012

Ingredients: one storm coming off the Pacific, setting sun. Fiddle briefly with the defaults, reduce, serve immediately.

We're working on a review of PictureCode's Photo Ninja, so we're still just learning how to use this powerful Raw converter with more than a few unique tools.

Take, for example, the black and white converter. A Split Point slider colors brightness values below the control point with the shadow color and values above with the highlight color. The Split Sharpness slider can soften or harden the transition from shadow to highlight color.

Here we used a Hue of 254 with a Saturation of 17, setting the Split Point at 74 (about a quarter in from the left) and leaving Split Sharpenss at 0.50 (a middle value).

Screen redraws were slow in Photo Ninja and it has a non-standard user interface. We're used to clicking on a slider to set a value, but you have to drag the control point in Photo Ninja. A reset control magically appears at the right end of a slider when you mouse over there. Of course neither of those traits affect image quality.

As the sun sets on this year, we invite you to join us for an exciting 2013.

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