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Reviews of photography products that enhance the enjoyment of taking pictures. Published frequently but irregularly.

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2 January 2013

It had to happen eventually. We couldn't just let our main page grow indefinitely. Sooner or later, we'd have to kill the oldest stories to make room for new ones.

So we've added an Archive page to the site. And at the same time, we've added Google's full text search of the articles (using regular expressions, if you like).

We've decided to organize the Archive into magazine-like monthly collections, categorizing the daily stories into Features, Reviews, News, Editor's Notes and Site Notes. At least to start with.

December was our first month -- and not a complete one at that. We published 15 articles from Dec. 10 to Dec. 31, taking weekends and Christmas off. Compare that to our usual newsletter production of about six new articles over four weeks.

Which strikes us as a better deal for both of us.

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