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9 January 2013

Adobe commissioned Pfeiffer Consulting to time the improvements for five actions/tools in the latest version of Photoshop. And the results show dramatic improvments in several areas.

The report highlights four main improvements:

  • Real-time Liquify decreased from 7 minutes, 23 seconds to just 11.71 seconds.
  • Layer Efficiency decreased from 30.50 seconds to 11.53 seconds
  • Auto Adjustments: decreased from 23.57 seconds to 5.4 seconds
  • Content-Aware Move decreased from 30.34 seconds to 14.24 seconds

In addition, the report discusses the new Blur Gallery effects that "would be almost impossible to create manually."

Pfeiffer said it "independently developed and executed" the tests, which were "designed and executed by creative professionals."

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