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11 January 2013

Thought we took the day off yesterday? No way. We were using our two-ton epoxy to stick a page of Recommended Products together.

The good stuff? Well, the best stuff. That we've found, anyway.

At the moment, we've listed the best printers, scanners and accessories with the best bags and software to follow. Current retail prices (rounded off) are shown under the product name with a brief explanation of what hit the nail on the head.

We've reviewed most of these products, use them ourselves (with a few exceptions) and recommend them. That's why they're up there.

And since they're up there on our site, we might as well make some hay (at no cost to you). Almost all of the links are affiliate links, which means if you click on the image and then buy the product, we earn a small commission. Thanks for helping keep the site ad-free.

Subscribers, of course, are welcome to discuss our choices with us as part of your free tech support. We're sorry we can't offer that service to non-subscribers (life being as short as it is) but the page itself is not a bad consolation.


You might wonder what cameras we recommend. Especially since we've been reviewing cameras for years and years and years.

We feel there are a lot of sites that bread their butter with camera reviews. Some do impressive testing (like DxO Labs) and others more subjective reflection (like Luminous Landscape) with plenty sprinkled in between. We recommend finding one you admire and following them.

But we can make some general observations.

The dSLR contest has always been a fight between Canon and Nikon. Sony and Pentax have put together compelling offerings now and then but they play a little like a third party in American politics. On the ballot, never elected. Except, you know, this category is more like religion than politics so you won't find us discussing it much. We can shoot great shots with any of them.

The digicam business, at the other end, has been in a swoon. Unless you're looking for a long zoom (Nikon and Canon), it's wise to avoid it all together. Here, though the big names don't impress as much as Fujifilm and Panasonic. Don't skip them. And there's usually an Olympus and Sony that shine in this segment, too.

But the intriguing segment of the business these days is mirrorless. Olympus, with its in-body stabilization, and Panasonic are fighting it out with Sony and Fujifilm. Olympus has impressed a lot of us for a reason, though. Look here first before you consider the other segments, whether you're new to the game or an old hand.

That's our advice.


At the same time we posted the Recommended Products page, we tinkered with the site navigation at the top of the page. You can now easily jump between the headlines, archive, bests and books pages. And a little blue arrow will tell you if you're going back to headlines or on to the other pages.

That keeps our setup links (in small caps) separate from the editorial links. In our mind, anyway.

We plan to update it promptly when new products ascend to the top. Meanwhile, we hope you find it useful.

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