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22 January 2013

logo PhoozL Founder Harald Johnson has announced the winners of the first annual PhoozL Awards after 6,000 entries in 44 contests presided over by 26 judges in eight months. Entries were received from over 50 countries.

Talya Arbisser from the U.S. won both Photographer of the Year and Insta Alphabetology award while Mikael Sundberg of Sweden took the Weekly Wednesday award. Alison Foxall and Brian Pflanz, both of the U.S., tied for the Photo Assignments award. The Super-Judged contests winner was Iranian Zarnoosheh.

"The range of photo quality and substance from the many submissions over four contest types was astounding," Johnson observed.

PhoozL Announces the 2012 PhoozL Awards

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Photography education and entertainment site PhoozL has announced the inaugural 2012 PhoozL Awards after eight months of photo competition.

The PhoozL Awards are based on a point system by which PhoozL Points were awarded to photographers who were chosen as Winners or Honorable Mentions by 26 different contest judges in 44 different contests and challenges after PhoozL's revamped website launched in May.

In all, 6,000 photos were submitted to the free contests by hundreds of photographers and photo enthusiasts from more than 50 countries.


The 2012 PhoozL Award Winners include:

2012 PhoozL Photographer of the Year -- Talya Arbisser (U.S.) with a total of 260 PhoozL Points. On top of the recognition, Talya receives: a year's subscription to APERTURE magazine, $50 Gift Card from Frame Destination, and $25 Gift Card and Sample Kit from Red River Paper.

'Weekly Wednesdays' Photo Contests -- Mikael Sundberg (Sweden) in First Place with 130 points.

'Insta Alphabetography A-Z' Photo Contests -- Talya Arbisser in First Place with 160 points.

Photo Assignments -- Alison Foxall (U.S.) and Brian Pflanz (U.S.) tied for First Place with 125 points.

'Super-Judged' Photo Contests -- Zarnoosheh (Iran) in First Place with 150 points.

"The range of photo quality and substance from the many submissions over four contest types was astounding," said Harald Johnson, PhoozL's founder. "I congratulate all the winners and honorable mentions, praise our wonderful judges, and thank all who participated in PhoozL's first contest year."

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