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Apple Selling Refurb 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Tweet This   Forward This

17 January 2013

logo Apple has begun listing refurbished Retina versions of its 13-inch MacBook Pro in the Apple Store for as much as 15 percent off the retail price. A one-year warranty is included with the reconditioned units.

These models use an Intel HD Graphics 4000 chip, which Apple says "reserve 384 MB to 768-MB of system memory." That meets the 512-MB system requirement for Photoshop CS6's requirement for 3D features.

We purchased a refurb 13-inch MacBook Pro from Apple a year and a half ago and have been delighted with it. It arrived as good as new (perhaps better, considering it was completely gone over) and has been our traveling companion since, with no issues.

The Retina display adds a few more pixels to the 13-inch screen, a welcome improvement as it shows more of your image at 100 percent.

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