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How To Upgrade Your Nikon Image Space Account Tweet This   Forward This

28 January 2013

logo If you own a Nikon camera, you can upgrade from a Basic to a Special account, giving you 20-GB of free storage instead of 2-GB on Nikon's new image sharing service.

It could be easier, so we'll walk you through the process.

Success. Note our 20-GB allocation.

First, visit the just-launched Nikon Image Space to sign up for a Basic Account. You'll be prompted for an email address, a password and a nickname. To complete registration, you'll have to confirm your email address by clicking on the email Nikon Image Space will immediately send you.

Second, download the Upgrade Utility for your operating system. It's just 1.89-MB for the OS X version but you'll have to turn Gatekeeper off if you're running Mountain Lion.

Third, run the utility. You'll be asked to cable connect your Nikon camera via the USB port, turn the camera on, press the Next button (at which time your camera will be recognized) and then enter your Nikon Image Space log-in information. You can click a button to take you to the site where you'll see you now have 20-GB of storage space.

Upgrade Utility. Connect your camera (top) and go to the site.

When we ran the utility, it reported no camera was found, but it did indeed find the camera. And we did indeed get our 20-GB, as the illustration above shows.

Now what to do with it? We'll have to play around a little bit.

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