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11 January 2013

logo If you think the experience of using Photoshop is a riot, you're half right. Tim Riot is one half of the CS6 design team responsible for how interact with all that power. Matthew Bice is the other half.

On the Photoshop team blog, Riot posted a piece today on what he and Bice actually did for CS6.

After surveying forums, product reviews and big production studios, "the themes of 'streamlining existing workflows' and 'focusing on content' became paramount." Riot explains how they revised the crop and vector tools right to begin with.

Not quite so obvious is the move to "a more nimble methodology" that can accommodate changes more quickly:

Gone are the days when it took a few hundred nautical miles to turn the giant ocean liner of Photoshop. We are moving to a more nimble methodology, which will allow us to iterate and deliver much more quickly than in the past. Now, more than ever, your feedback helps us shape and focus the development of Photoshop. Keep your feedback coming. We're listening and looking forward to making the next Photoshop even better than the last.

Feedback isn't all the team is looking for, though. They're hiring another user experience designer.

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