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17 January 2013

While the title bar claims it's still in beta, ShutterLove has launched with photo tutorials, galleries, purchasing tips and a section to share and critique your own images, according to the Nielsen Photo Group.

The site includes sections for Tips & Learning, New Photography, Equipment and Sharing. And the site can be customized to reflect your own interests.

Customize Site. Members can turn on the features they're interested in.

Visitors are encouraged to sign up for a free membership, which allows:

  • Sharing photo galleries privately or with the ShutterLove community
  • Customizing the site by filtering favorite topics
  • Posting your ShutterLove gallery URL to Facebook or other social media sites and via email
  • Posting comments about other members' photos

Details are in the press release below.

Nielsen Photo Group Launches to Inspire Photo Enthusiasts and Help Them Take Better Pictures

Web Site Offers Customized Experience Based on Topics of Interest and Sections for Tutorials, Equipment Advice and Interactive Sharing

NEW YORK -- The Nielsen Photo Group announced it is launching a new, interactive photography Web site designed to help consumers and enthusiasts take better photographs and share their photos with other enthusiasts around the world. ShutterLove is a photography Web site that combines a learning annex of tutorials from world-renowned photographers, along with galleries of inspirational photography, tips for purchasing equipment and a section where readers can upload and create galleries of their work for others to view and offer constructive critiques.

ShutterLove is a one-stop resource and community for anyone who wants to learn about photography, improve their skills as a photographer and interact with other viewers, creators and collectors. ShutterLove connects readers with top photographers and photography experts who share their work and offer tips and tutorials in a manner that is engaging, encouraging and simple.

"ShutterLove gives our audience an opportunity to develop their understanding and appreciation of the photographic medium, which they can then apply to their own style of photography," explains Lauren Wendle, vice president and publisher of the Nielsen Photo Group. "The ability for visitors to customize the educational and inspirational sections of ShutterLove based on topics of interest provides them with a real value proposition they are not currently receiving with any other photography Web site."

The Web site is arranged in a variety of sections such as Tips & Learning, New Photography, Equipment and Sharing to help photographers' access specific information quickly and easily, while allowing them to customize their Web site experience.

The Tips & Learning section of the site offers educational articles and videos that enable photo enthusiasts of all levels to improve their photography. Whether they're interested in creating better photographs of family and friends or capturing great images on their next vacation, ShutterLove will provide creative and technical instruction in a manner that is easy to understand and apply to their own photography.

In the New Photography section, ShutterLove highlights the most interesting and inspiring photographs being made by photography professionals and explains the components of these photos that make them so captivating. This education will help consumers develop skills, which can be applied to their own photography.

Great photographers also need great tools to create their images and ShutterLove's Equipment section highlights the latest and best cameras and accessories. ShutterLove's Share section encourages users to upload and create galleries of their own work and comment on the work of other members of the community.

ShutterLove's contributors are leading professional photographers and photography experts, who provide tips and education on a variety of topics ranging from portraiture to nature photography to travel photography and fine-art.

Photographers who join ShutterLove will benefit from several unique features including the ability to share their photo galleries privately or with the ShutterLove community; Customize their experience by filtering the topics they are most interested in; Post their ShutterLove gallery URL to Facebook or other social media sites and via email and; Engage with other photo enthusiasts by posting comments about their photos. Membership is free.

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