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Three Anniversaries At Adobe Tweet This   Forward This

19 February 2013

Today marks three significant anniversaries for Adobe, the company observed. Six years ago it introduced Lightroom, 10 years ago it released Adobe Camera Raw and 23 years ago it launched Photoshop.

ACR Team Celebrates. Ten years and 429 cameras later.

Tom Hogarty, Lightroom group product manager, counted "42 official releases or one update very 2.8 months. However, when you include all the public RC builds, you could easily double that!"

All three products claim Feb. 19 as their official birthday, Adobe said. Coincidence?

On the occasion of Camera Raw's tenth birthday, Lex van den Berghe revealed in an entry today on the Photoshop blog:

More than 10 years ago, Thomas Knoll went on vacation to Italy and in classic overachiever form, came back with the beginning of a solution that would forever change the way Adobe products interpret information recorded by digital cameras.

In fact, Knoll, who with his brother John originally developed Photoshop, was so frustrated with his camera's Raw conversion software that he downloaded the manufacturer's software development kit and wrote his own.

The first release handled 29 camera models and included 102 lens profiles, a number which in 10 years has ballooned to 429 cameras and 792 lens profiles (plus 1,111 customer-created profiles). Knoll predicted that development, creating the Digital Negative format, an open Raw format that has since been used in over 45 cameras, the company said.

Dave Coffin's free dcraw predates ACR by a few years, having first been released May 5, 2000.

There's more on the anniversaries at the Photoshop blog.

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