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First Person Report: 'My Baby, Not My Child' Tweet This   Forward This

25 February 2013

A staff photographer for the Daily Iowan took on a particularly difficult assignment. After learning she was pregnant, Callie Mitchell decided to document the next few months of her life.

Told mostly in her own black-and-white photos as a voice-over slide show (with an assist from photo editor Rachel Jessen in the delivery room), Mitchell begins her story:

My name is Callie Mitchell. I'm a 25-year-old photographer from Cedar Rapids with a dream to wander the world to capture the minuscule moments of my surroundings. But my dream was momentarily interrupted. A spontaneous moment leading to an unplanned life change. Not a mistake. Definitely a surprise.

The Web version is a compelling presentation -- and an interesting counterpoint to this morning's discussion.

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