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26 February 2013

One day (soon perhaps) we may be saying just that: Google Glass photos. Joshua Topolsky describes the whole experience in a Verge article, but it's clear taking video and stills is the big thrill:

But the feature everyone is going to go crazy with -- and the feature you probably most want to use -- is Glass' ability to take photos and video with a "you are there" view. I won't lie, it's amazingly powerful (and more than a little scary) to be able to just start recording video or snapping pictures with a couple of flicks of your finger or simple voice commands.

His experience at Starbucks reminded us of the early days of digital photography where the silent shutter and small camera seemed like spy gear. No one noticed you were taking a photo.

Of course for $1,500, second thoughts are only the beginning. Even for spies.

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