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Adobe Dials In Photoshop Touch For Phone Tweet This   Forward This

26 February 2013

Photoshop Touch has been a tablet app since May 2012 but tonight Adobe has brought it to the small screen with a version designed for both iOS and Android smartphones.

The phone version puts Photoshop Touch in your pocket so you have convenient access to core Photoshop features, the user-friendly Scribble Select tool and even access to high resolution images.

Tools from the top menu


Creative Cloud settings

You can, for example, work on a 12-Mp image using as many as three layers or up to 16 layers on small images.

And of course you can share images to online social media sites but it's also easier to share an image with other apps on your device, according to Stephen Nielson, product manager, who recently briefed us on the product.


The phone version adds a few new wrinkles to the app, too.

You can add a Camera Fill layer to your Touch projects, blending layers, selections and blend modes in real time using your device's built-in camera. That's also in the tablet version but phones are easier to use as cameras than tablets so the feature should have new life, Nielson said.

Scribble Select can be refined


Color Drop (from image at left)

There is also a Color Drop filter to splatter a layer with the colors used in your project.

One of the more exciting features, though, is the Creative Cloud connection that will automatically sync projects between your phone, table and computer. Your phone, in effect, replaces those napkins you've been doodling on. And you don't have to scan it into your main machine, either.

Guides for tutorials

It's particularly exciting because you don't need a paid subscription to take advantage of this convenience. You get it with the free 2-GB Creative Cloud account.

And it seems well implemented, allowing you to restrict sync operations to WiFi connections, for example.

The biggest difference in the tablet and phone versions is how tutorials are handled. The tablet version has immersive tutorials that steer your through sample projects. That wasn't feasible on the small screen, Neilson said, so it's more of a guide on the phone version.

Although we only saw it running in portrait orientation, Adobe told us that whether you hold your phone in landscape or portrait, the app adjusts its two menu bars to run across the top and bottom of the screen.


The app runs on iPhone 4S or later, iPod Touch (fifth generation) and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later.

It's available now in English, French, German and Japanese from the Apple App Store and Google Play for $4.99. Adobe said it plans to bring the app to the Samsung app store "soon."

For more information, see the press release below.

Adobe Brings the Power of Photoshop to Mobile Phones

Brand New App Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phone Optimized for iPhone and Android Devices

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Adobe Systems Inc. has announced the immediate availability of a new version of Adobe Photoshop Touch optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and Android smart phones. Inspired by the highly successful Photoshop Touch for tablets, the phone app brings core features of Photoshop desktop software to mobile devices and offers similar intuitive, touch-based gestures and features.

"Mobile phones are increasingly becoming the primary tool for people to take and edit photos," said Winston Hendrickson, vice president products, Creative Media Solutions, Adobe. "Adobe is dedicated to serving our customers' evolving creative workflow and we heard, loud and clear, that Photoshop fans wanted some core Adobe imaging magic on their smartphones."

Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone offers powerful new capabilities for smartphone users:

  • Enhance images using popular Photoshop features such as layers, selection tools, filters, tonal and color adjustments
  • Apply effects and add graphical text for endless creative possibilities
  • Edit images as large as 12 megapixels with layers
  • Combine images together quickly using the Scribble Selection feature and easily refine your selection with the Refine Edge tool
  • Automatically sync images to Adobe Creative Cloud with free 2-GB of storage

"Photoshop Touch is a great way to work on an image on my mobile phone. The 400 percent touch zoom and organized interface in Photoshop Touch for phone made enhancing my images fun and easy," said Brian Yap, creative director, Boxing Clever. "Working with curve adjustments and filters that use slider controls is especially intuitive."

"Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone offers great depth and value with layering and blending features," said Richard Gray, mobile photographer, educator and blogger, "I'll be using Photoshop Touch for phone in class with my students this year as we look at the more artistic end of the creative process with dreamscapes and surreal images."

"The depth of selection tool options offered in Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone is unique to the photo compositing app market," said Dan Marcolina, Marcolina Design & MarcolinaSlate LLC, author of iPhone Obsessed. "Now I and other iPhonegraphers, can do even more exacting edge editing on the device where the image originated -- our mobile phones."

Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow Integration

Photoshop Touch for phone is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud and includes access to 2-GB of Creative Cloud storage with a free account. Users can sync photos and projects to Creative Cloud and then continue working with the files from a tablet or Photoshop desktop software. Creative Cloud is a radical rethinking of the entire creative process and an industry-defining shift in creative expression and inspiration, where members can explore, create, publish and share their work across devices, the desktop and the Web. Visit Adobe Creative Cloud for more information.

Pricing and Availability

Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone is immediately available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for $4.99. For iOS devices, the app requires iOS 5, iPhone 4S and iPod touch 5th generation; Android phones must run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later.

For additional information, please visit: Customers may submit feedback and ask questions on the community powered feedback site: Users may also connect with the Photoshop Touch Team directly on Facebook, via Twitter or on the blog.

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