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Phase One Releases Media Pro 1.4 Tweet This   Forward This

27 February 2013

Phase One has released Media Pro 1.4, its professional photo and video manager. The production tool began life as iView MediaPro and was then consigned to oblivion as Microsoft Expression Media before being rescued by Phase One.

The $199 Media Pro builds a database of your collection which can be read by clients and other interested parties using free readers for Windows and OS X. The database, or catalog as Media Pro refers to it, may optionally exclude your original media.

This version drops support for Mac OS X 10.5 while adding Capture One 7 rendering and session adjustments support, new export metadata options, Shift-Scroll Wheel zooming in Media View and Light Table, support for more cameras, support for iWork Pages/Numbers/Keynote, a fix for applying a color profile twice and more.

A free trial version is also available for download.

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