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Reviews of photography products that enhance the enjoyment of taking pictures. Published frequently but irregularly.

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28 February 2013

We've just updated our Archive with the 40 stories we published this month, including 10 features and three reviews (one an ongoing three-parter with a helpful comment in the latest part, which we've just updated). That joins the 37 articles we published in January and the 15 we began with in December of last year.

Meanwhile our readership (unique visits) continues to grow at a pace of about 100 percent a month. The last three days this month our hits have grown significantly.

And we're pleased to report that we continue to received voluntary subscriptions supporting the site. Subscribers get free, personal technical support (free consultation, you might call it) and we're about to announce the first thank-you gift we allude to on the sign-up page.

We're having a lot more fun than we've had in a very long time. But we want to make sure it's mutual. So drop us a line with the Feedback button below to let us know how we're doing and what we can do to improve. Improvement is fun, too, after all.

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