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13 March 2013

Adobe has made its $79.99 Photoshop Elements 11 Editor available on the Mac App Store. The Editor does not include Elements Organizer from the $99.99 full version but, the company says, "serves as the perfect complement to iPhoto's organizing tools."

Also not included is Premiere Elements, which can be had for $149 bundled with Photoshop Elements and the Elements Organizer.

In our review of Elements 11, we concluded:

With Apple's iPhoto and ACDSee Pro, there's always been a lot of competition in this arena. And with newer cloud-based apps full of presets and quick editing magic, the game is only heating up. But Elements remains the one tool with the hottest image engine harnessed to both simple and advanced tools plus tutorials that explain how to do things. Nobody does it better.

Our reference to Elements rather than just the Photoshop or Premiere variants reflects our advice to go for the bundle if you shoot any video. The bundle makes a knockout one-two punch.

Update: The move to the App Store comes as authorized Adobe resellers report the company plans to discontinue box versions of the Creative Suite on May 1.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Editor
Now Available in Mac App Store

Adobe today announced the availability of Photoshop Elements 11 Editor for download in the Mac App Store, providing Mac users with an alternate method for purchasing the photo-editing application. Photoshop Elements 11 features powerful yet easy-to-use photo-editing tools inspired by Photoshop and designed for the consumer.

Released in September 2012, Photoshop Elements 11 features a completely refreshed, user-friendly interface with three editing modes: Quick, Guided and Expert; additional step-by-step tutorials; and more one-click editing options.

The Photoshop Elements 11 Editor serves as the perfect complement to iPhoto's organizing tools, as well as a step up for users looking to go beyond basic edits. New editing and sharing tools added include:

  • Pro-level effects such as tilt-shit, vignettes and high and low-key are easy to create with expanded Guided Edits
  • New filters (Comic, Graphic Novel and Pen & Ink) turn photos into stunning illustrations
  • Intelligent Photoshop technology makes it easy to extract objects from different photos
  • Once polishing is complete, share photos via email, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo

Pricing & Availability

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Editor can be downloaded from the Mac App Store immediately worldwide for $79.99 or as stated in local currency. It is available in English, French, German and Japanese.

The full version of Photoshop Elements 11, including the Elements Organizer, is available for $99.99 at and is also available from participating retailers.

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