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The Touch Gives Lightroom A New Interface Tweet This   Forward This

25 March 2013

Timothy Armes has released The Touch, a gesture-based interface for Lighroom (and Final Cut Pro X) that uses either the Trackpad, Magic Trackpad or iPad. To use an iPad, you download the free companion application The Touch Pad.

The Touch provides more options than other custom gesture utilities, the company notes on its features page. By varying the speed of the gesture, you can fine-tune control. Slower gestures move sliders and pucks in finer increments than faster gestures. And it also overrides systems gestures so a four-finger swipe doesn't take you to a different screen in Mission Control.

Despite its sophistication, there's nothing to configure. The Touch steps in where it's most useful and otherwise leaves things to your mouse or keyboard. An optional on-screen display helps teach you which gestures are available.

The €19.95 ($22) Touch is available for download as a free trial for 300 gestures.

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