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Adobe Enhances Behance ProSite Portfolios Tweet This   Forward This

27 March 2013

You don't have to be an Adobe Creative Cloud member to take advantage of Behance's revamped Adobe-flavored ProSite portfolio design and hosting service. But it's free if you are. And even if you aren't, you don't pay until you publish, so it's free to play.

Populating your portfolio is as simple as uploading images to any sharing service but the fun of ProSite is in using its simple tools to design your own site with its own domain name.

A drag-and-drop editor highlights the page elements each function affects and lets you easily change font, color, background, link colors and more without coding. If you're a coder, you can drop in your own CSS and HTML, too.

You can add full resolution images, sync with your Wordpress or Tumblr blog, use Typekit fonts, use your own domain, not worry about bandwidth limitation, protect your site using a password, use Google Analytics and integrate social sharing media.

Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani rapidly demonstrates the capabilities:

The Behance site also offers a tour of the new service.

Creative Cloud members can go to the Apps page, find ProSite under Other Services and click the Get Started link. The service is included with your membership.

The terms for fee-based accounts note, "You will not be prompted for payment until you choose to publish your ProSite (the personal portfolio site that you create using the service). Once you launch your site publicly, you will be billed monthly (or annually if you choose that option), starting with the moment you publish and thus create a paid ProSite account."

According to the ProSite FAQ, the fee-based account costs $11 a month or $99 a year.

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