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10 April 2013


Adobe announced new details today about Adobe MAX, The Creative Conference, taking place in Los Angeles on May 4 to 8.

"We reimagined Adobe MAX this year," explained David Wadhwani, Adobe senior vice president and general manager, "to celebrate the inspiration that comes from the community's most creative thinkers. In addition to showcasing the latest technological innovations, the conference will feature insights from the best creative minds who are pushing the boundaries and shaping the future of creativity."

Sort of a TED Talks for creatives, it would seem.

The complete list of speakers now includes photographer Eric Johansson, whose retouching skills bring his imaginary landscapes to life. Photographer Greg Gorman was previously announced.

We're also told Adobe "is expected to unveil a milestone update to Creative Cloud" at the event as well. So stay tuned -- even if the $1,495 registration price is out of reach.

Adobe Transforms MAX into the Creativity Conference

New Focus for Event Explores the Ideas, Inspirations and Technologies that Push the Boundaries of Creative Thinking

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Adobe Systems has announced featured luminary and breakout sessions at Adobe MAX, The Creative Conference, taking place May 4-8 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and Nokia Theatre. The four-day event includes a packed lineup of keynotes, luminary sessions, training workshops and sneaks presented by the best in the industry, including graphic designer and illustrator Paula Scher, multimedia artist Phil Hansen, designer and writer Rob Legato, photographer Erik Johansson and EA chief creative officer Richard Hilleman.

MAX will convene more than 5,000 industry leaders to exchange ideas, get inspired and explore how creativity is changing the world. The conference will feature highly anticipated MAX keynotes hosted by Adobe's senior vice president and general manager of Digital Media, David Wadhwani that will explore the dramatically changing creative process and major advancements in technology. Adobe is expected to unveil a milestone update to Adobe Creative Cloud at the event. Each full conference pass includes a one year Adobe Creative Cloud membership.

Luminary Sessions

Luminary sessions will expose attendees to new ways of thinking about creative projects and some of most innovative, boundary-pushing, experimental work out there. Highlighted luminary sessions include:

  • Jessica Walsh (design): The Importance of Play in Innovation
  • Greg Gorman (photography): Celebrity Portraiture: Behind the Scenes with Greg Gorman
  • Jeffrey Zeldman (Web): Ten Commandments of Modern Web Design
  • karlssonwilker (design): Creativity, Technology and karlssonwilker
  • Jacob Rosenberg (video): Dust to Lightening: The Unique Storytelling of Bandito Brothers
  • Scott Belsky (Web): Behance: Connecting the Creative World

Redesigning the MAX Identity

In reimagining every aspect of Adobe MAX, the company challenged designers to rethink the MAX brand and design a new logo that embodied the new creative spirit of MAX. Top design firms and studios, including Sagmeister and Walsh, karlssonwilker and Vasava applied their unique vision to the challenge. Design enthusiasts were invited to watch the creative process in action as Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister and Walsh hosted a live 24-hour redesign session featuring a single design material. The redesigned logos can be viewed here.

Breakout Sessions & Labs

Industry leaders and Adobe experts will host more than 300 breakout training sessions and labs, providing attendees with the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to stay competitive and the inspiration to create their best work via five MAX tracks:

  • Design & Creativity: Get unlimited inspiration in just a few days, with sessions and hands-on labs covering everything from digital imaging, typography, color theory and illustration to interaction design, digital publishing and designing for Web and mobile.
  • Web Experiences: Whether just getting started or already creating complex animations or Web experiences, these hands-on labs, quick tips and advice from expert panels cover everything attendees need to know about creating for today's Web browsers.
  • Video: It's a competitive world out there and video pros need tools that won't get in the way of their creativity. Led by creative leaders in the industry, sessions will show attendees how to work smarter and faster to bring your high quality productions to any screen.
  • Digital Publishing: Be among the first to see how mobile applications built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite can help connect customers and readers, build brand and grow businesses.
  • Gaming: Whether creating casual or social games: from indie to AAA: sessions in the Gaming track will expose attendees to the most-talked about game experiences being created today.

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