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Harvey Updates ExifTool Production Release Tweet This   Forward This

15 April 2013

Phil Harvey has posted ExifTool v9.27 as a production release following the v9.25 production release on April 6. Explaining the short time between production releases, Harvey said:

If I find a bug that breaks something that worked in a previous version, I issue an update ASAP, especially if it affects a production version. If I used three numbers for my versions, the recent release would be 9.25.1 since it fixes a bug in 9.25. But I use a two-number version, so I just use the next version number in sequence for a bug-fix release.

Changes in the new production version include:

  • Fixed "ARRAY ref" runtime error introduced in 9.25 that could occur when using the -X option
  • Fixed runtime warning which could occur when conditionally deleting XMP structure

The small download is available three formats, including a Windows executable and Macintosh OS X package.

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