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29 April 2013

George Jardine has publish 20 new Lightroom videos on image correction in both Lightroom 4 and 5 with some Photoshop thrown in for good measure. The new Image Correction Master Class features five hours of video instruction for $29.95 with special formats for most mobile devices.

As Jardine said in his blog entry announcing the new series:

In nearly every class I teach and in every workshop, I hear from photographers that they simply don't know where to start, when approaching their image correction.

Image and color correction are not a mystery. But mastering them does take time and practice. The goal of this series is to help you become fluent in correcting your own pictures, as quickly as possible. And we do that by guiding you toward a complete understanding of the tools, in both Lightroom 4 and 5. (With a healthy does of Photoshop thrown in for good measure, in the portrait tutorials.)

As you go through the series you'll correct several landscapes, three portraits and other photos designed with a specific image correction problem in mind.

But, as with Jardine's other image processing videos, you may find you aren't fixing problems so much as bringing out the full beauty hidden in your captures. It's more a creative process than a routine correction. Jardine makes it fun.


We had an opportunity to preview an early tutorial on how Lightroom maps tones from the real world.

What struck us about the presentation wasn't just Jardine's typical clarity in discussing concepts like linear captures and gamma adjustments (go ahead, ask us!) but his clear illustrations of those concepts. And this time it wasn't just images and histograms but bar charts.

In fact, the bar charts really hit the nail on the head. Our favorite was a camera bar chart that slid over the range of visible brightness.


Titles in the series along with their durations include:

  1. Introduction To The Series: 6:06
  2. Exposure & Contrast Basics: 14:21
  3. More On Exposure & Contrast: 21:18
  4. Contrast & The Tone Curve: 18:07
  5. White Balance: 23:16
  6. Working With Extreme Contrast: 20:40
  7. Pushing Contrast: 17:07
  8. The Drama Of Twilight 1: 17:04
  9. The Drama Of Twilight 2: 19:38
  10. The Travel Detail Shot 1: 11:27
  11. The Travel Detail Shot 2: 10:09
  12. The Travel Detail Shot 3: 6:10
  13. The Creative Landscape: 13:37
  14. The Travel Portrait: 13:26
  15. The Informal Portrait: 18:07
  16. The Wedding Portrait: 21:57
  17. Lens Corrections: 20:51
  18. Cropping Exercises: 12:12
  19. Correcting Film Scans: 13:06
  20. Correcting Film Scans: B&W: 17:34

To purchase the series, visit the Image Correction Master Class page.

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