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1 May 2013

Think Tank Photo has announced two deals today: free shipping with no minimum ordr and a free laptop bag when you order any Airport rolling camera bag.

Here are the details:

  • Free Shipping. During May all orders placed on their Web site or by phone will be shipped for free. There is no minimum order amount.
  • Free 15-inch Laptop Bag with every order of its Airport Rolling Camera Bags.

We've been charmed by the lightweight 4-Sight Airport rolling bag. It has four wheels so it can dance but lean it over and it rolls along like a two-wheeler.

Receive a Free Camera Bag from Think Tank Photo

In addition to its telescoping handle, it has handles on both the top and long side, so it's easy to grab out of the overhead bin. And the large flat bottom has pads to protect it. Very well thought out piece.

All of Think Tank's Airport rolling camera bags score high marks in our book for their durability, security systems and carry-on sizing. Sizes range from the Airport Security, which fits on board domestic flights and holds a 600mm lens unmounted or a 500 f4, 400 f2.8 and smaller lenses mounted to a pro-size camera body, to the Airport TakeOff combination roller and backpack, which fits on international and domestic flights and holds up to a 400mm f2.8 with other lenses or two dSLR bodies with or without lenses attached.

Think Tank's "No Rhetoric" product warranty guarantees and warrants their products against any defects in material or workmanship for as for long as you use the product.

Good stuff from good people. And your purchase through these links helps support this site.

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