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7 May 2013

Aquafadas has announced a half-off sale through May 14 on its OS X slide show software for Mother's Day. The company will offer the Standard version of its template-based PulpMotion application for $24.50 and the fun-themed KidsMotion version for $12.50.

That gives Mom a new tool to show off her photography (including video) and keeps the kids busy while she does it, too.

We've played with both versions recently and been impressed with the template-based design of the applications, which makes it very easy to get something attractive running very quickly. The products are supported with comprehensive videos on the Aquifadas Web site, too, making it quick to get up to speed.

More details in the press release below.

Aquafadas Offers Steep Discounts on Slide Show Software Programs PulpMotion and KidsMotion to Celebrate Mother's Day

Give Mom the gift of memories that last a lifetime; 50 percent off, 100 percent smiles

MONTPELLIER, France -- Aquafadas, innovative developer of digital publishing solutions and creative software for photo and video editing, is offering a flash sale in honor of this coming Mother's Day. Now through May 14th, PulpMotion and KidsMotion, Aquafadas' easy-to-use slide show-making software programs, are available at half-off, selling for just $24.50 and $12.50 respectively.

PulpMotion, which was recently updated with support for OS X Mountain Lion, is a template-based slide show app that lets users of all skill levels easily assemble their favorite photos, videos and music into visually engaging slide shows. Aquafadas' kid-friendly version of the slide show-making app, KidsMotion, lets younger users create shows using a unique interface and fun-themed templates designed just for them.

This Mother's Day, children and adults alike can use PulpMotion or KidsMotion to create beautiful slide shows just for the "mother" in their lives, whether it's for mom, wife, aunt, sister or grandma. Say thanks and tell her you love her by documenting those major moments in life she helped you through.


Key Features of PulpMotion 3.5:

  • Hundreds of Templates for Endless Possibilities: PulpMotion offers over 130 preset templates to fit any theme including seasonal holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more.
  • Slide Show Creation Anyone Can Master: With PulpMotion, creating a lively, engaging slide show is as easy as dragging and dropping in media. Users can import photos and videos then add music to complete the effect.
  • Share Memories With Loved Ones: PulpMotion's export menu allows users to share their creations easily with friends and family by simply exporting to their iPhone, YouTube, iDVD, Apple TV and more.
  • Set the Mood With Advanced Audio Capabilities: With PulpMotion, users can simply drag and drop audio files straight from iTunes and synchronize music with their shows so viewers can experience the full effect.

Visit the Aquafadas Web site to purchase PulpMotion or KidsMotion before the sale ends May 14.

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