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Adorama Announces Compact Flashpoint 180 Monolight Kit Tweet This   Forward This

Flashpoint 180 Kit. Batteries, charger, umbrella, cords, bag.

20 May 2013

Adorama has announced its compact Flashpoint 180 Monolight Kit designed for location lighting. The two NP-F960 batteries provide up to 700 full-power flashes. The kit includes the batteries, charger, a small umbrella, cords and a carrying bag.

The unit features a Bowens-compatible mount for light modifiers and a Bowens Speed Ring Adapter to mount soft boxes.

With its LED daylight-balanced bulb, it has a guide number of 48 with reflector and a five-stop stepless power setting. Recycle times vary from one to 3.6 seconds, depending on the power setting.

It's currently available at a $50 discount for $199.95.

Adorama Introduces the Flashpoint 180 Monolight and Battery Kit

The professional all-in-one lighting kit now available at the special price of $199.95 for a limited time only

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Adorama is now selling the new Flashpoint 180 Monolight Kit. The Flashpoint 180 Monolight is compact and ideal for on-location shooting. Lightweight and versatile, the complete lighting kit comes pre-loaded with all the accessories needed to achieve the perfect lighting for any shoot, including a case to carry it all.

Two readily available NP-F960 batteries power the light, providing up to 700 flashes at a full 180w/s and giving photographers ultimate control for all of their lighting needs. The Bowens-compatible mount enables the use of advanced light modifiers, such as beauty dishes, while the Flashpoint Bowens Speed Ring Adapter allows the use of soft boxes and other lighting accessories to help deliver flawless results.

The Flashpoint 180 Monolight Kit Ships With:

  • Flashpoint 180 Monolight with reflector and handle
  • Batteries and charger
  • Small umbrella
  • Cords
  • Carrying bag

Visit the Adorama Learning Center to learn more about monolights, explore the meaning of watt-seconds and find out how the right light can transform a photograph.

Special Pricing and Availability

The Flashpoint 180 Monolight Kit is available now for $199.95 (regularly $249.95) with free shipping (7-10 day delivery) when ordered online at The kit is also available at the Adorama superstore located at 42 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011.

Flashpoint is Adorama's in-house brand, featuring high-quality photo and video accessories and gear, such as the Flashpoint 180 Monolight Kit, at price points lower than competing name brands such as Profoto and Smith Victor.

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