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4 June 2013

On the blog today, Product Manager Jeffrey Tranberry has announced the release of Photoshop CS6 v13.0.5 [M] and v13.0.1.2 [W] for perpetual license customers. At the same time, he announced Photoshop CC for Creative Cloud subscribers will be released on June 17 "and will include any fixes that aren't already in version 13.1.2 along along with all the ~new features."

To get the update, use the Update option under Help in Photoshop.


Bug fixes include:

  • When a transformed type layer's point size is changed, the end result should be as if there was no transform (like CS5)
  • When moving a type layer with a free transform active, the size of the font changes to non-integer values

Mac-specific bugs addressed are:

  • Clicking a Pop-up window in a Flash extension panel does not work and/or cause Photoshop to crash
  • Info panel displays incorrect value for adjustment layers inside groups:
  • Restore View>Print Size menu command and Zoom tool right-click context menu
  • Legacy actions fail due to layer merge naming change:
  • Black & White adjustment layer scrubby slider does not work if in a layer group
  • Arrow keys stop working during text edit using the Type tool:
  • Custom icons for Flash extension panels are not displayed after changing the Interface color theme

Windows-specific bugs addressed are:

  • Photoshop fails to launch on a limited user account system due to locked default scratch disk
  • Pen tool input doesn't draw correctly
  • Improved Windows 8 tablet support

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