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14 June 2013

Earlier this week when the sun came out, we hiked up Twin Peaks. We work in the saddle between Mount Davidson, San Francisco's highest peak, and Twin Peaks (Eureka and Noe). So we can just wander up the street and there we are. On top of the world.

slide show

Twin Peaks. Click on the image to start the slide show.

This time we brought along a Nikon D300 with an f2.8 35mm AI Nikkor. That's a manual focus lens. Since we were wearing our polarized sunglasses, we put a circular polarizer on the lens. We'd both see the same thing that way.

The camera settings were simple enough. Aperture Priority. ISO set to 400, which is where we like it with the polarizer. We changed the f-stop on nearly every shot and the shutter speed, therefore, had to adjust. We had a little wind to contend with but otherwise our subjects were static.

We shot, as we usually do these days, Raw+JPEG. And we brought everything into the recently released Lightroom 5. We picked a few of the images, worked on them in the Develop module and exported them at a size small enough for a slide show here.

The first image just looked like a pair of painted lips to us, the light falling through the branches on a leaf turning red. We had to have that shot, so we pulled the camera out of the holster bag we use on our short hikes.

From there it was all one marvelous subject after another. It was the middle of the day, the sun overhead, but it fell in just the right places.

You can't tell from the small images here but a 1:1 crop shows the figures at the top of the peak are a pair of photographers setting up a tripod.

Summit. A 1:1 view reveals the figures are photographers.

You may recognized one or two (or three) of these scenes from the gallery shots I've taken for my camera reviews. They've become old friends by now, so I visited them again on this hike.

But there always seems to be something new to see on Twin Peaks. Not to mention new to see from Twin Peaks.


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