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26 June 2013

Boinx Software has released its $99.99 Fotomagico 4.3 [M] with a new file format, automatic repair of missing media files, downscaling for grayscale and CMYK images, fixes for playback and control with the iPhone remote and other changes.

The new .fms file format "improves reliability in the sandbox environment," the company said.

The complete release notes for the update follow:

Release Notes

FotoMagico 4.3 introduces a new file format (still called .fms) which improves reliabilty in the sandbox environment. Older fms files can be openend with this version. However files saved with 4.3 cannot be opened in older versions of FotoMagico.

The new file format avoids the missing media files problem which occurred for some users in prior versions.

FotoMagico 4.3 tries to automatically repair any missing media files. However, in some cases manual assistance is required.

FotoMagico 4.3 has an assistant that helps to locate any missing media files in existing slide shows. This assistant is automatically launched when opening, playing or sharing a slide show that has missing media files. It can also be manually launched from the File menu.

If a slide show has missing media files, an alert is now shown before playback is started. In case of fullscreen playback, the screen doesn't fade down until this alert is dismissed.

After replacing the media file of a slide with missing images, the zoom value is now reset to a reasonable value.

Missing audio files no longer freeze up slide show playback.

Scaling down images now also works for grayscale or CMYK image files.

Encrypted standalone players that contain duplicate images no longer freeze up.

FotoMagico now warns you when trying to open documents from very slow volumes like USB sticks.

FotoMagico now warns you when trying to save documents to very slow volumes like USB sticks.

When FotoMagico is launched again after a crash, it will now offer to recover the last saved version of any documents that were open during the crash.

Closing a document now behaves more logical. If there are still some media files that have not been copied to the document yet, then the user is warned and given a choice to save or cancel.

Fixed a possible crash when closing documents.

Fixed a possible crash during saving.

Fixed a possible crash when minimizing windows.

Copying and pasting parts of a slide show to another now preserves the relative positions and tracks of audio.

When adding a movie to a slide show, the calculated default duration of the new slide should now be correct.

The red warning area in the timeline, which appears when changing the duration of a movie slide should now be correct.

Creating lots of emtpy chapters (with just a single blank slide) and filling them with images later is now supported.

Moving the playhead past the last slide is now possible by clicking at the end of the Storyboard.

The demo slide show can now be modified and saved to a new location.

Playback and controlling with the iPhone remote (FotoRemote app) now works again.

Playing audio samples in the Audio Browser from Library locations now works again.

The aboutbox at the end of a standalone player no longer displays email and webpage labels if the author didn't enter any email or webpage address.

Various small fixes.

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