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Reviews of photography products that enhance the enjoyment of taking pictures. Published frequently but irregularly.

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30 June 2013

With the end of the month falling on a Sunday, we hastened to update our Archive for June, which functions much like the table of contents for a monthly photo magazine.

We published 42 stories in June, maintaining the pace we set when we started this publication in December. That included 10 features, 2 extended reviews and 7 Around The Horn articles with links to 28 items of interest.

We also took on a wedding video assignment. The first of our three-part report on shooting the event will appear tomorrow. We plan to cover how we edited the raw footage and audio as well -- but, you know, not this month <g>.

On the readership front, we set new a new high for unique site visitors (breaking 22,000), files downloaded and hits. Do let us know how we're doing with a click on the Feedback button below.

Our wedding assignment pre-empted our report on the Benson method of making fine art prints, but that's coming -- and well worth the wait. So stay tuned!

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