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New Zealand Flies Solo In Cup Regatta Tweet This   Forward This

8 July 2013

Flying Solo. Team New Zealand takes off in Louis Vuitton Cup yesterday. Nikon D300, 18-200mm at 170mm, polarizer, f8.0, 1/250 second, ISO 400 and processed in Adobe Camera Raw 8.1 with Smart Sharpening applied after resizing in Photoshop CC.

Emirates Team New Zealand picked up a point in the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger series yesterday when Luna Rossa Challenge, the Italian boat, sat it out. Luna Rossa had earlier protested over a switch to heavier rudder winglets as part of regatta director Iain Murray's safety recommendations.

Artemis, the Swedish team, is scheduled to face off against New Zealand Tuesday and Luna Rossa on Thursday but may not be ready itself until the semifinals. It's still building its new boat.

That could make the round robin regatta more of a parade than a race but New Zealand managed to get both hulls out of the water in good winds on the bay yesterday. It completed the 18.4-mile course in 46:27 with 15-knot winds, hitting a top speed of 42 knots (49 mph).

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