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10 July 2013

Canon is offering some stunning rebates on its relatively new line of 13x19-inch professional printers. And by stunning, we mean a $300 mail-in rebate on its $399 dye-based printer, $200 on one of its $699 pigment-based printer and $200 on its other $999 pigment-based printer.

But if you shop around that $99 printer can be an $89 steal.

Pro-100. Best dye-based 13x19-inch printer.

Our Best Products Page recommends the Pro-100 as the best 13x19-inch dye-based printer we've tested, although we prefer the Epson R3000 for pigment prints over the Pro-10 and flagship Pro-1 (even at the discount price).

Canon's Pro-1 was designed for photographers who sell their prints and, therefore, print frequently. It was introduced late in 2011. The pigment-based Pro-10 and dye-based Pro-100 are smaller variants about the size of the Pro9500 and Pro900 with the paper feed and CD printing of the Pro-1. We reviewed all three.

The offers end Sept. 30, which coincides with the anniversary of the introduction of the Pro-10 and Pro-100.

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