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25 July 2013

If you buy your photo paper at a big old office supply store, today is your lucky day. Ilford and Canon are again teaming up to show you what a fine art paper can do for your image with their Try My Photo program, which runs through Sept. 30.

Gold Mono Silk. Our review is coming shortly.

Smooth Pearl. A second option.

After registering on the Canon sign-up page, you begin by selecting either its Pro-1 or Pro-10 pigment printers or its Pro-100 dye printer, which is one of our Best Products.

Then you select either Gold Mono Silk or Smooth Pearl paper. A letter-sized print, made with the Ilford ICC profile for the printer you selected, will be mailed to you.

We've reviewed all three printers and have reported Canon's recent and significant rebates (/07/10-canon-pro-rebates/index.htm) on them.

While we're still testing Mono on both dye and pigment printers in both color and black and white, you can get a sense of what this is all about from our earlier review Printing On Ilford Galerie Prestige Fine Art Papers, published in April.

You're about to experience, as we noted in our Ilford review, "both the joy of printing and its possibilities."

Ilford & Canon Partner Again For Try My Photo Program

Exclusive to United States residents, Try My Photo gives you the opportunity to have one of your favorite images printed for free on either Ilford Galerie Prestige Gold Mono Silk 270gsm or Smooth Pearl 310gsm media using a Canon Pixma Pro series printer.

To take advantage of the program visit where you can find full details and instructions.

Canon selected the two TIPA award winning papers from the Ilford Galerie Prestige range to demonstrate the professional-quality printing capabilities of its inkjet printers. Gold Mono Silk, designed for black and white printing, is an exciting new edition to the Ilford range and has picked up a number of industry awards and accolades including Best Inkjet Photo Paper from TIPA. Smooth Pearl was the 2012 recipient of the TIPA award and is a professional standard media offering superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent color gamut.

To take advantage of this promotion, register online here and follow the instructions. The free 8.5"x11" print will be produced on your chosen Canon Pixma Pro printer and media and the final print will be mailed directly to you. Offer is limited to one image per printer per paper brand per eligible U.S. household. Offer runs through Sept. 30.

Each Try My Photo print comes with information explaining exactly how the image was printed so you can easily replicate the results using your Canon printer and Ilford media at home. To ensure accurate reproduction of images in home-printing, you can also download the free ICC profiles for Canon printers from

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