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26 July 2013

There's more to this corny shot taken at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco than first meets the eye. But that would be a potato joke.

Farmers' Market. Nikon D300 at 105mm with f8, 1/250 second and ISO 400 (not to mention the polarizer).

The crop for one thing. You don't get that out of our dSLR (which is fixated on 3:2). And the rotation (the painted stripe was disturbing if it wasn't horizontal). But wait a minute. That stripe isn't really horizontal. It was disturbing when it was perfectly horizontal, too.

And then there were a few slid sliders in Adobe Camera Raw 8.1. Before we used Nik Sharpener Pro (in the Google edition) to sharpen it. Routine stuff.

So we spent a lot more time fiddling with this image in Photoshop CC than we did taking it as we walked through the Farmers' Market. That just means we got to enjoy it a little more.

But don't tell anyone. It's a secret.

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