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30 July 2013

In this recurring column, we'll highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention (with more than 140 characters). This time we look at camera shake, the Canon PowerShot N, Giles Duley's portraits and a Behance demo.

  • T.J. Donegan, editor-in-chief of and, talks about his blog's new image stabilization testGood Vibrations: Designing a Better Stabilization Test (Part I). The interesting part may be the research the company did on just how we shake. You can download the Android app, mount your phone to your camera and see for yourself how you do (and contribute your data to the cause).
  • Derrick Story reviews the unusual little Canon PowerShot N for TechHive. He concludes "it's for creative photographers who want a device that helps them produce uninhibited (and sometimes unpredictable) images that they can easily transfer to their mobile devices." Nice images, BTW.
  • Rob Haggart at A Photo Editor explains, "Photographer Giles Duley worked as a portrait photographer for 10 years before cynicism with celebrity culture took him in the direction of humanitarian issues. He had always hoped to return to portraiture, but while working in Afghanistan in 2011 he stepped on a landmine." He made a list of the portraits he'd take if he "made it through." And after a long rehab, Giles has begun posting 100 Portraits Before I Die.
  • Mell Perling, community manager at Behance, will demonstrate how to Take Your Work From The Cloud To The Community With Behance Friday at noon Pacific Time. Over a million people are already showcasing their work on Adobe's Behance.

More to come...

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