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1 August 2013

We've just added our July stories to the Archive, which functions much like a monthly magazine for readers who prefer to drop in every few weeks. In fact, we had triple the visits to the Archive this month as new readers found it a good place to catch up on what we've been doing here.

Our July readership stats exhibited even healthier growth and our editorial coverage continued to deliver original work, both images and text, while keeping up with important developments in the industry.

The editorial highlight of the month was our Wedding Video project, four stories that followed our adventure shooting video for the first time. We're having a ball editing that video now and are working on the first two of several reports on that experience for August.

Among our 43 stories in July, we added 11 features, 17 commented news items, one book review and eight Around the Horn articles, which themselves spotlighted 32 additional topics. Topics, we should add, that we felt were worth your time, which is not the publishing criteria we've found in general use.

We also published seven original images, apart from the wedding frame captures. The same number we did in June, actually. That's something we've enjoyed doing more than we thought we would. We actually like looking at them <g>.

On the readership front we continued to gain unique visitors but the intriguing number was that we doubled the number of pages viewed over June, our previous high.

We attribute that to the popularity of the Archive. A headline list works well for daily visitors but we're not publishing perishables here. Like the pieces in our ebook Beginner's Flash, our features are written to be read long after they were published. And the Archive reminds our readers of just that.

Which is another way of saying this site is designed for you. So let us know how we're doing with the Feedback button below. And drop in any time.

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