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8 August 2013

Seim Effects has released its $59 Power Workflow 4 with a $10 discount, along with its 45-day money-back guarantee. The suite of presets designed for event photographers is compatible with Lightroom 4 or 5 but a legacy version is also included that works with Lightroom v1 to v3. That's how long photographer Gavin Seim has been working on this set of presets.

Presets are popular for achieving specific looks. But their one-size-fits-all nature makes them less useful for developing a fine arts image. Seim's Power Workflow, however, is designed for the event photographer, who must often process hundreds of images quickly.

We were curious just what the set does. Fortunately Seim is an enthusiastic videographer, too. He put together a nice demo reel showing the package in action:

For more information, see the press release below or visit the site.

Seim Effects Introduces Power Workflow 4
-- The World's Most Powerful Lightroom Presets

More than 75 workflow Presets for Adobe Lightroom 4 and 5 offer photographers complete control plus Magic Presets to quickly fix common problems

SOAP LAKE, Wash. -- Seim Effects Photo Tools has announced the immediate availability of Power Workflow 4. It offers all photographers, regardless of specialty, a reliable solution for their post-event editing needs. A uniquely refined series of tools, Power Workflow 4 combines quality editing with over 6 years of refinement to create the most refined Presets collection available. Power Workflow 4 helps photographers stay on top of time-consuming post-production workflow while increasing creative options within Lightroom, all in a system that's as effective for one image as it is for 1,000.

Included in the new Seim Effects Power Workflow 4 Lightroom Presets collection is:

  • Super Series X: Batch automation Presets
  • Light Magic II Presets quickly address common image problems
  • Subtle refinements to put the photographer in complete control
  • Modifier Presets: Provides mix, match and tweak capabilities for an endless looks
  • Refined and organized for Super Fast workflow
  • File Format Agnostic: Works with any image file format
  • 75+ workflow Presets for Lightroom v4 and v5

Power Workflow 4 was developed by award winning photographer, educator and developer, Gavin Seim. Gavin first introduced the original Power Workflow in 2007, just as Lightroom 1 was gaining popularity as a solution for photographers needing to edit and modify their digital photographs. Over six years later Power Workflow 4 sets a new standard as a definitive toolkit that every photographer will make use of.

"Power Workflow 4 has been re-designed from the ground up to better aid in a photographer's vision, while delivering better, faster and more subtle control than we've ever seen," said Gavin Seim, "The new Power Workflow 4 Presets collection not only puts the photographer in the driver's seat, it shifts workflow and creativity into overdrive."

Seim Effects' Power Workflow 4 Preset collection for Adobe Lightroom 4 and 5 is now available for immediate download. And, for a limited time there is an introductory price of just $49 (a $10 discount). Owners of previous Power Workflow versions are also eligible for a discounted upgrade.

Purchase of Power Workflow 4 also includes Power Workflow 3 Legacy Presets for Lightroom versions 1-3. Additionally, Seim Effects offers real service with email and telephone support and a 45-day Money Back Guarantee.

To purchase or for more information plus a Virtual Demo and to view an informative video about the Seim Effects Power Workflow 4 Preset collection, please visit:

About Seim Effects Photo Tools

Gavin Seim, owner and developer at Seim Effects Photo Tools, is an internationally recognized image maker, renowned for his experience with creative workflow, the digital darkroom and time-tested photographic techniques. He has a passion for creating easy-to-use tools and educating photographers of all skill levels to be more efficient, creative and profitable.

Gavin Seim's educational films include the HOT ONE award winning Exposed Workshop and the soon to be released PHOTOGRAPHICS Film. Software presets for Lightroom include Silver Shadows 2, Power Workflow 3 and Color Fantasies 2. Photoshop tools include Hollywood Effects 2, Creative Essentials and Naked Elements. Also available is LightFlow, a powerful Aperture Presets collection featuring workflow tools, black-and-white effects and a variety of other effects as well as ColorFlow, a color blending presets collection.

For more information on Seim Effects Photo Tools visit:

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