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Kost Reveals Mysteries of Lightroom Print Module Tweet This   Forward This

20 August 2013

We almost never print directly from Lightroom. Usually that's because we use it for event coverage and that stuff is published to the Web, not printed. But the truth is we've never really understood how to play the print game in Lightroom. Fortunately, Julieanne Kost reveals all in Print the Perfect Image in Lightroom 5.

Among the highlights:

  • How to create a template that includes printer settings as well as the Lightroom page layout
  • Why not to use the Print Resolution option
  • How to enable just a selection of all your available ICC profiles
  • The advantages of Saved Prints
  • Enabling Solo Mode for palettes
  • Creating a contact sheet with various photo info
  • Cropping an image inside a cell
  • Printing to file for inclusion in a photo book

The thing we most appreciated about the 17:58 video, though, is how Kost walks you through the process of setting up a print, optimizing the settings and saving them so you can use them again on any image.

Suddenly the Lightroom Print module makes sense.

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