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26 August 2013

George, what hast thou wrought? One little article about Smart Previews and sharing small Raws and the Web is abuzz with Victoria Bampton's shortcut of a DNG export with lossy compression and small previews.

Fine if you have Lightroom. What if you don't?

Well, you can do the same thing with Adobe's free DNG Converter for OS X or Windows.

Your current settings are shown at the bottom of the sign-on screen. To change them, just open the Preferences dialoWe

DNG Converter Preferences. Lossy Compression with a small preview.

Just to prove the concept, we converted a 2592x3872, 9.5-MB NEF into a 721K DNG, which opened as a 4.28-MB file in Photoshop CC. Here you can see it next to the original NEF opened as a 28-MB file.

Photoshop CC. The DNG (left) and the NEF look the same but the DNG is a lot smaller.

Now if only you could stash the DNG edits in a XMP sidecar file to email back and apply to the original Raw file.

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