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1 September 2013

As we archived our August editorial work, we discovered we'd broken a record, publishing 48 stories. That included seven features, 20 commented news items, 10 Around The Horn articles highlighting 40 items, plus four editorial pieces, three site notes and three rather extensive installments in our review of Premiere Pro CC in our video editing series.

Accompanying those were several original images, as well. It seems silly to pretend to be writing about photography and not publish original photographs. You know, as if we can't use a camera.

We were delighted to introduce a full text search feature that's an improvement over the Google text search we had been using. Results are complete now and just as quick (even instant after the files are cached on the first search).

We want to welcome you to a place where the news that matters is all we bother you with. So you're always happy to hear from us.

We also swapped out our news ticker for a more efficient version, updated our support pages (late one sleepless night) and made a few tiny cosmetic enhancements to the site's style. Little things matter.

And we were happy to welcome a new affiliate, B&H Photo. We'd been planning to do that all along but until B&H wrote to invite us, we'd put it on the back burner.

We want to thank those of you who have been purchasing through our affiliate links right on the Headline page. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to that. And we find it gratifying that you chose to support a site that, in contrast to many others, doesn't have any advertising on it. Buying through our affiliate links makes a great deal of difference here, certainly more so than sites that accept advertising.

That difference isn't just financial. It's also a vote for our editorial direction. We didn't want to create a site cluttered with ads no one looks at and look-at-me postings to drive page views as if it mattered. We want to welcome you to a place where the news that matters is all we bother you with. So you're always happy to hear from us.

Our Horn articles consolidate items of interest for just that reason. And our Archive is built like a monthly magazine for those who can't come every day but want to stay informed (and amused).

We also want to thank those of you who've subscribed. This month has seen a big increase in voluntary subscribers. It may have helped to have a tangible benefit at last (the ebook). But we know you didn't have to do it. And it means a lot to us to have that sort of support as we roll our sleeves up for September.

There's a Feedback button at the bottom right of every story we publish because we value your thoughts and welcome your questions. What you write there goes straight to us. And we answer every email, whether we publish it or not. So let us know how we're doing. In no small way, this site is a collaborative venture.

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