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New Eastern Span Of Bay Bridge Opens Tweet This   Forward This

3 September 2013

Last night after 10, the Bay Bridge reopened, allowing motorists to cross the new eastern span for the first time. But they didn't do it quite like they usually do.

New Eastern Span. Nikon D300 at f8.0, 1/250 second and ISO 200 with a 150mm focal length.

As Michael Cabanatuan put it for SFGate:

Unlike the morning commute, when drivers curse and clutch their steering wheels, motorists honked their horns, hooted and hollered. Some of those stuck in traffic chatted with other drivers and exchanged high fives.

The story is accompanied by a 63 image slide show worth a peek.

Our image above was taken last month on an overcast day but it shows the self-anchored suspension span's single cable wrapping under the roadway (left). It was built to stand 150 years, we heard, causing us to wonder just exactly is going to happen then.

Of course, we're curious what's going to happen now, too. Sooner or later some event or obligation is going to call us across the bay and we'll find out for ourselves what it's like to use the new span.

We can't wait.

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