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4 September 2013

The keyword is "seamless" but the technology is based on Lightroom 5's Smart Preview and, it seems, a little of Revel, too. The product is Lightroom Mobile for tablets and, in the words of Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty, it's "the future of Lightroom."

Hogarty. With an iPad and Lightroom Mobile.

At Photoshop World today, Hogarty demonstrated Lightroom Mobile, showing fast file transfers, image browsing, editing a DNG Raw file and background syncing with a Lightroom catalog on a desktop machine, among other tricks.

Albums. Lightroom albums on an iPad.

View. Single Image View.

Edit. Editing a Raw file.

An image that was edited on the iPad showed up seamlessly in the desktop-hosted Lightroom catalog with those edits.

While the product hasn't been finalized, the team is soliciting feedback at Photoshop World.

More later....

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