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The Online Photographer To Hold Father-Son Print Sale Sunday Tweet This   Forward This

11 September 2013

A father-son pairing of two images will be the first print offer of the Fall season at The Online Photographer. And it's not just any father-son combo either. A collaborative image by the Caponigro boys, Paul and his son John Paul, will go on sale Sunday.

Paul's 1957 black-and-white image was captured by a 4x5 Deardorff view camera while John Paul's color image is an iPhone 5 capture processed in Snapseed.

TOP doesn't reveal its prints before the sale, which will start on Sunday at noon Central time with orders closing the following Friday afternoon. "The work is limited to those prints sold during that time," TOP's senior curator Mike Johnston explained.

Update (13 Sept.): Johnston today reported, "The 'Father-Son' print we'll be offering starting on Sunday at noon will also be added to the Smithsonian's permanent collection, a gift from an anonymous art collector who has already made the donation sight-unseen."

TOP Father-Son Print Sale

For the initial print offer of The Online Photographer's Fall season, Paul and John Paul have created, between them, a unique single artwork combining one picture by each. From a phototechnical perspective, it is truly a contrast of old and new. It exemplifies and encapsulates in one work of art the "digital transition," the period in the history of photography we have just passed through.

Paul's picture, in black-and-white, was taken in 1957 with a 4x5 Deardorff view camera and an 8-inch lens. John Paul's color picture was taken last year with an iPhone 5 and processed with Google's Snapseed app.

As if that's not enough difference, the two images could not be more different in terms of subject matter as well. And yet the technical dimension and the subject matter are really just the surface. The visual interplay of the two pictures (which you'll see next Sunday -- we don't reveal the images in our print offers before the start of the sale) is wonderful; you can clearly see the unanimity that exists between the artistic concerns and approaches of father and son, and the way the work of each of them echoes, informs, and (in this case) enhances the other's. Paul chose the pairing. It's really quite an amazing piece, from a purely visual as well as from a photohistorical perspective.

Both pictures will be printed by John Paul on one sheet and will be signed by both photographers, father and son. A unique and unusual original work, and one I am proud and happy to be able to bring to you.

Please stay tuned for more information. The sale starts on Sunday at noon, and orders close on the afternoon of the following Friday. As you might know, we take orders for our sale prints for only a limited time, and then the prints are made to fulfill the orders already placed. The work is limited to those prints sold during that time.

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