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Adobe Quickly Resolves Two Photoshop CC Issues Tweet This   Forward This

12 September 2013

Adobe has updated Photoshop CC to v14.1.1, quickly resolving two recent issues for subscribers. At the same time, the company acknowledge a mis-mapped keyboard shortcut, promising "an additional update to correct this issue in the very near future."


Jeff Tranberry divulged the details at his Digital Imaging Crawlspace. The 14.1.1 update addresses these two issues:

  • User preferences reset after applying 14.1 update
  • Inadvertent disablement of Graphics Processor Settings with some hardware configurations

The update should be listed in your Creatie Cloud application. Ours didn't list it so we launched Photoshop, pulled down the Help menu and selected "Updates..." to find and install it.


The company also acknowledged "a mis-mapped keyboard shortcut for F5," which it promised to fix with a forthcoming update.

According to this Photoshop Help Notice, when you use the F5 keyboard shortcut in 14.1 to show or hide the Brushes panel, the currently-selected layer is deleted.

Undo to retrieve your layers and reassign a different shortcut to hide or show the Brush panel.

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