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Reviews of photography products that enhance the enjoyment of taking pictures. Published frequently but irregularly.

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1 October 2013

Not to sound like a broken record but records were made to be broken. After publishing a record 48 stories in August, we put up 49 in September, a shorter month. That included eight features (including a new Saturday Matinee movie), 22 commented news items, eight Around The Horn articles highlighting 32 items, plus four editorial pieces, three site notes and four reviews, including the final piece in our series on the OpticFilm 120.

We substantially exceeded the previous high number of visits with well over 37,000.

Let's see, that makes 384 articles since we started Photo Corners in December, publishing almost every day. That significantly outpaces our old bi-weekly newsletter workload, which would have been about 66 articles now.

September's stories are now all nicely organized into a table of contents for the month in our Archive. The "archive" button at the top of each story takes you right back to that table of contents, too.

Speaking of records, it was another record-breaking month on the readership front, too. We substantially exceeded the previous high number of visits with well over 37,000. Unique sites were up for the third month in a row as well. And over 90,000 pages were viewed.

But that's just numbers.

We added one reader service last month, introducing a Twitter feed so Twitter users can find out when we post a new story. Behind the scenes, we tailored our RSS feed for the first time, which had grown to over 150K. We also published a Tip Sheet For Readers to highlight some of the reader-friendly features of Photo Corners.

And then there was the content. You know, what you come here for. The conclusion of our extended review of the OpticFilm 120, the penultimate installment of our video editing review of Premiere Pro CC, a DIY Camera Finder, some shopping advice, the America's Cup comeback, Elements 12 reviewed on release, backing up your photo collection, the iPhone experience enhanced, AT&T's U-verse game, among others. Not to mention the occasional deal (like that FilmPack 3 offer we had before anyone else).

In fact, as some of our regular readers have noticed, when we publish what other sites are publishing (essentially the major news), we tend to publish first. We're on duty almost all the time (which means we're often a day earlier), but we also have an unusually efficient publishing infrastructure (which means we're a few minutes to a few hours earlier). We're not trying to beat anyone, understand. Getting the story right is the first thing on our list. But nothing here stands in the way of delivering the news to you either.

October promises more of the same. We may finally get to that Benson article, wrap up the video editing series, finish a few software reviews, one paper review and two accessory reviews. At least.

So stay tuned. The party's just starting.

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