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1 October 2013

The announcement came from the mother this morning as an email with all the details of the baby's 3:18 a.m. birth. Four image were attached, all smartphone shots, showing each parent holding the newborn, whose eyes were tightly shut. Bright lights are an acquired taste.

The World. What will it look like in 20 years?

Our first impulse, frankly, was to hop on the bus, grab a streetcar and find the hospital shuttle to take some first day photos. Then we remembered there were now several other family members with nice cameras who could easily do the honors.

But we couldn't just do nothing.

So we jumped on the mountain bike and pedaled up Twin Peaks to take a shot of the world the day our newest family member was born. We even shot a panorama that will one day come in handy, we think.

Meanwhile, we minimized the afternoon haze with a little extra Vibrance and cropped the image to HDTV dimensions. Then we emailed it to the mother, telling her this is what the world looked like the day he was born.

Bright and beautiful. Just like him.

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