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Bampton Releases Free 'Lightroom 5 Quick Start Guide' Tweet This   Forward This

2 October 2013

Victoria Bampton has released a free Lightroom 5 Quick Start Guide ebook. The 5.2-MB PDF covers a lot of territory in just 76 pages.

Among the topics discussed are the Lightroom workflow, installation, importing photos, backup up the catalog, using the Lightroom workspace, viewing images, adding metadata, filtering and editing. The ebook uses a landscape format suitable for screen viewing and includes hypertext links to other resources.

Bampton, an Adobe Community Professional and Certified Expert for Lightroom as well as a familiar name on many Lightroom forums, discusses Lightroom's features in a clear, approachable style. Here, for example, she explains what a catalog is on page 4:

All of the information about your photos is stored as text in a database. This is called a Lightroom Catalog. In a library of books, the library catalog doesn't contain the books themselves, but a record of where to find each book and information about it. Similarly, Lightroom's catalog records where to find the photo on the hard drive and stors information about that photo, but it doesn't contain the photo itself. Lightroom also keeps small previews of the photos, like a library catalog may keep a photo of the book's cover.

The Lightroom 5 Quick Start Guide is surprisingly comprehensive for an introductory text, even touching on using more than one computer to access your catalog. It's also nicely designed with readable type and clear illustrations.

And, in fact, the PDF is actually the first chapter of Bampton's $31.21 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 -- The Missing FAQ.

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