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2 October 2013

Photojournalist Peter Turnley's 144-page French Kiss -- A Love Letter to Paris, his homage to "romance, beauty, hope, and love," is now available for pre-order at the photographer's site.

"I believe that photography is ultimately about sharing," he notes there. "I am excited to share, with the world, these moments of the heart that have touched my own, in this most beautiful city, Paris."

French Kiss. Leica presents Turnley speaking about Paris.

The book balances his work as a photojournalist in some of the most disturbed parts of the modern world with the beauty he has found in Paris. "When I'm in Paris, I'm always reminded with how beautiful, and wonderful and poetic life can be," he explained.

The first edition, slip-cased hardback includes 138 photographs, all taken with Leicas, and will be signed by Turnley. The $69 pre-order price expires after Nov. 1.

The American-born Turnley has photographed Paris, his adopted home, since 1975.

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