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8 October 2013

Fotodiox has launched a line of accessories designed just for the Sony RX1. They include a hefty grip, a handsome lens hood and a bigger shutter release button.

Tricked Out RX1. Note the grip, hood and shutter release.

Full descriptions of each accessories follow:

  • Camera grip: The $79.95 one-piece, all-metal grip adds comfort and a more secure hold. It's specially designed so users can remove the battery or memory card without removing the grip.
  • Lens hood: The $69.95 lightweight bayonet lens hood protects the camera from impact, shock and obstructions. It also helps shades the lens from direct light.
  • Shutter release button: Available in seven colors, the $14.95 shutter release button provides a larger, more comfortable release.

Available separately or bundled in a $109.95 kit, the RX1 accessories are available directly from Fotodiox.

More details are in the press release below.

Fotodiox Debuts Extensive Line of Accessories to Upgrade Sony DSC-RX1 Cyber-Shot Digital Cameras

Comprehensive camera kit includes durable grip, bayonet lens hood and shutter release button, allowing for maximum comfort, protection and portability

Fotodiox, a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality photography and videography accessories, has launched an extensive line of camera accessories specially designed to maximize the performance, portability and use of Sony DSC-RX1 Cyber-Shot (Sony RX1) digital cameras.

The accessory line includes an all-metal one-piece camera grip; a lightweight, aluminum lens hood; and a sleek shutter release button for easier, steadier shots. The accessories are available for sale individually or combined in the Fotodiox Pro Camera Kit bundle.

"The Sony RX1 is a small, full frame camera that carries the high-quality performance and capabilities of a full-size dSLR camera, making it a popular choice for photographers who are constantly on the move," said Kelvin Luo, CEO of Fotodiox. "Now, with Fotodiox's line of RX1 accessories, users can upgrade their equipment and enjoy the extra comfort, improved protection and overall better range of action shots without having to invest in a brand new camera."

Comfort and control: Camera Grip

Fotodiox's one-piece, all metal camera grip for the Sony RX1 features smooth machined edges, promising added comfort and an improved, more secure grip when holding the camera. The grip's special design allows it to stay attached to the camera at all times, even while removing the battery or memory card. The offset tripod screw socket in the base of the grip lets it remain in place when mounted on a tripod. These features, combined with the grip's color and finish tailored to match the Sony RX1 camera, makes it a sleek, unobtrusive tool to complement your camera.

Protection and Portability: Lens Hood

The new line of Sony RX1 accessories also features a lightweight bayonet lens hood, helping to protect the camera lens from impact, shock, dust and other elements while on the go. The lens hood also prevents unwanted stray light from entering the camera lens, by extending and shading the end of the lens.

Inspired by the Leica design, the rectangular shape of the hood will cut glare and lower the chance of vignetting at wide-angles. With its matte black, stepped interior, the all-metal lens hood is designed to reduce glare for a cleaner, clearer picture.

Easier, Steadier Shots: Shutter Release Button

Completing the Fotodiox Pro Camera Kit for Sony RX1 is a sleek shutter release button, an ideal solution for photographers looking for a larger, more comfortable release than what their current camera offers. The anodized aluminum shutter release button is available in seven different colors. The shutter release button simply screws into original the RX1's original shutter button, making it easier than ever to capture steadier shots and experience extra comfort.

Availability, Pricing

The Sony RX1 camera accessories are available for sale individually or combined in the Fotodiox Pro Camera Kit bundle. The kit costs a total of $109.95 and all Fotodiox products come with a 24 month manufacturer's warranty.

For more information or to order a camera kit today, please visit

About Fotodiox

Serving the photo and video markets since 2004, Fotodiox is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality professional photography and videography accessories at wholesale prices. Fotodiox is the developer and exclusive distributor of the WonderPana, as well as the premium Vizelex line of high-end camera systems and adapters. The company also markets a full line of professional photography accessories and lighting equipment, including flash strobes and wedding photography kits, daylight fluorescent lighting, tungsten lighting and video lighting kits. For more information about Fotodiox visit and

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