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10 October 2013

Datacolor will present The Essentials Of Printer And Output Calibration, a free webinar with Richard West on Tuesday, Oct. 15. West will explain how to use the Spyder4 and SpyderPRINT to calibrate your monitor, deal with color spaces and build your own print profiles for any paper you want.

Registration is required. Details are in the Datacolor release below.

The Essentials Of Printer And Output Calibration

In this webinar, Richard West will work you through the understanding and skills required to attain consistent color workflow all the way from capture to print -- including monitor calibration, color spaces and the creation of custom print profiles so you can be confident of print output on any paper you choose.

This encompasses use of the Spyder4 and SpyderPRINT plus workflows via with various software including Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. As always there will be chance to ask your questions at the end.

Title: The Essentials Of Printer And Output Calibration With Richard West
When: Tuesday, Oct. 15, 7:00 PM

Having headed up the up the photographic and design markets for Apple in the UK for a decade and latterly been the face of Nik Software in the UK for the past two years, Richard West has delivered seminars and training on colour management and creative workflow to vast numbers of companies in the UK and across Europe.

He has a particular passion for promoting and encouraging creative skills in the classrooms of colleges and universities across Europe. During his time at Apple he played an instigatory role in their 'Young Creatives' initiative, a program devised to help budding digital artists be inspired to enter today's divrese world of media.

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