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16 October 2013

Sony made a trio of announcements overnight, introducing a full frame camera with a new lens mount based on the NEX E-mount, a 24-200mm superzoom and several new full-frame E-mount lenses.


The $1,699 A7 and $2,299 A7R, which are expected to ship in December, differ from each other in whether there's an anti-aliasing filter on the sensor. The R model does not have one. But they differ from other cameras in offering the smallest camera with a full frame sensor and interchangeable lenses.

Sony A7R. Ample grip, articulated LCD, OLED EVF.

That, however, has meant the introduction of yet another lens mount. The new FE of full-frame E mount mount is based on (and compatible with) the NEX E mount. Sony said it expects to release 10 FE lenses by the end of 2014 and up to five more in 2015. With an adapter, you can also use Leica M series and Nikkor lenses on the A7 bodies, too, which may even be more exciting.

A7 Back. Easily accessible controls.

With a 36-Mp full frame sensor like only the Nikon D800E, the A7 features an articulated LCD and bright OLED EVF. There will be a vertical grip option but it includes a nice built-in grip on the smallest full frame camera with interchangeable lenses.

Video is AVCHD at 24p and 60p with both an external audio jack and a headphone jack.

After working with a pre-production model for a few days, Michael Reichmann concluded:

With the A7R and A7 Sony has leapt over the product category chasm in a very cleaver way. They have introduced large sensor, high-resolution cameras but made them the size of Compact Systems. They have provided a migration path for those who own Alpha lenses, and also a migration path for those who own NEX E-mount lenses. The former requires the use of a lens adaptor, while the latter means an APS-C sized image rather than full frame, but it's a clever solution to be sure.


The new E mount lenses include three advanced models from Carl Zeiss including a 55mm f1.8 ZA and 35mm f2.8 ZA model, as well as a 24-70mm f4 ZA OSS mid-range zoom. There is also a 28-70mm f3.5-5.6 OSS zoom and a 70-200mm f4 telephoto zoom for E-mount and a 70-200 f4 telephoto zoom for A-mount.

24-70mm E-Mount Lens. Five new lenses, compatible with NEX, too.

The new lenses fit any of the existing E mount cameras including the NEX-6 and NEX-7 models.


Highlights of the $1,300 superzoom RX10 are its one-inch sensor, Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T f2.8 24-200mm zoom, Bionz X image processor, articulated 3.0-inch LCD, OLED EVF, WiFi with NFC and 60p video.

RX10. Superzoom 24-200mm lens features a constant f2.8 aperture.

It's that constant f2.8 aperture that really stands out to us. That won't eliminate the need for optical image stabilization, which the press release below neglects to mention. We've asked Sony for a clarification.

Meanwhile Patrick Huang, director of Sony's Cyber-shot camera business, said:

The innovative new RX10 high-zoom camera is a natural extension to our popular RX family of products, carrying on its legacy of balancing compact size and high-performance imaging in the ultimate package. It's an unparalleled all-around performer that will leave enthusiasts, hobbyists and even professionals reaching for their dSLRs less and less.

And if that dSLR isn't a Sony, you can bet Sony won't mind.

Sony Unveils World's First Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

New Sony 7 Series Are World's Smallest, Lightest Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Cameras

SAN DIEGO -- Sony's new 7 and 7R digital cameras are the world's smallest full-frame interchangeable lens models2. Highly anticipated by professional photographers and imaging enthusiasts alike, the two new cameras offer an unmatched combination of creativity, customizability and portability.

The 7R model features a 36.4 effective megapixel 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor -- the highest resolution sensor in the history of Sony's line -- with no optical low pass filter for added resolving power and increased image detail. The 7 model boasts an impressive 24.3 effective megapizel 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor and an innovative fast Hybrid AF system.

Each camera is equipped with advanced imaging features including a powerful new Bionz X processor; fast AF capabilities; a clear, bright XGA OLED Tru-finder, full HD 60p video recording, WiFi and NFC connection, dust-and moisture- resistance and more.

"With these new 7 camera systems, Sony has completely redefined the look and feel of a professional-grade digital camera," said Mike Kahn, director of the interchangeable lens camera business at Sony Electronics. "The 7 and 7R cameras are significantly smaller, lighter and more portable than any other full-frame interchange lens camera yet deliver image quality, power and performance that professionals and enthusiasts crave."

Both cameras feature full customization and control to meet the needs of the most demanding photographers. There are 9 different customizable buttons and 46 assignable functions that can be adjusted based on shooting preferences, including fully customizable front and back dials, a rear control wheel and an exposure compensation dial. Users can preview all changes to photographic settings in real-time on the high-contrast, 2.4 million dot XGA OLED Tru-Finder or the high-resolution tiltable 3" LCD screen.

The new cameras share a powerful new Bionz X processor that accurately reproduces details in textures in real-time via extra high-speed processing capabilities and allows for exceptional low noise performance in all types of lighting conditions. Additionally, the powerful processor combined with the advanced, high resolution sensors allow both cameras to shoot pro-quality Full HD video (AVCHD progressive 1920x1080p at 60p) with richly detailed colors and ultra-low noise.

Clear Image Zoom has been enhanced for video recording as well, allowing for powerful close-up shots without sacrificing pixel count. Other pro-style movie features include an audio recording level control and display plus a "live" HDMI output for passing through video to an external monitor or recording device.

The new cameras both have on-board WiFi and NFC capabilities for instant image sharing and transfer to compatible smartphones and tablets. The 7R and 7 models can access Sony's platform of PlayMemories Camera Apps, allowing users to add new effects, filters, utilities and more. This platform includes new Multiple Exposure' app, which automatically combines sequential exposures into one creative shot and Smart Remote Control'4, which allows for direct control of exposure and shutter speed from a connected smartphone and is particularly useful for self-portraits or group shots5. Find out more at .

The new 7 and 7R cameras each have a tough, magnesium alloy build and are dust and moisture resistant for standing up to some of the toughest weather conditions.

7R Camera

Designed for professional photographers and highly advanced enthusiasts, the new 7R model is the world's smallest and lightest full-frame interchangeable lens camera2.

It has an impressive 36.4 effective megapixel full frame sensor and no optical low pass filter, ensuring that the extraordinary resolving power is fully realized and resulting in an unprecedented level of detail and clarity in images.

The camera features a new Fast Intelligent AF technology that delivers blazingly quick, accurate autofocus. Additionally, there are a total of three selectable sizes for the Flexible Spot AF frame, minimizing the risk of accidentally focusing on the wrong target.

7 Camera

Offering an exciting entry into the world of full-frame photography, the 7 camera features an advanced 24.3 effective Mp full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor paired with the powerful new Bionz X processor.

The exciting new camera has an innovative Fast Hybrid AF system that combines phase- and contrast-detect AF methods to ensure speedy, accurate autofocus. It can also shoot at up to 5 fps continuously with non-stop AF tracking, allowing it to keep pace with fast-moving athletes, wildlife or energetic children.

New Sony Lenses and Accessories

There are a total of 5 new full-frame E-mount lenses designed to take full advantage of the powerful imaging capabilities of the 7R and 7 cameras, including mid-range zoom lenses from Sony and Carl Zeiss, two bright Zeiss Sonnar T prime lenses and a premium-quality G Lens telephoto zoom. Sony's growing E-mount interchangeable lens lineup now consists of 21 different lenses including the new full-frame models.

In addition to the new lenses, there are also two new-generation mount adaptors that give photographers the ability to utilize full-frame Sony A-mount optics on the 7 and 7R cameras. The LA-EA3 adapter simply adds compatibility for existing A-mount lenses the new cameras, while the LA-EA4 model adds the ultra-fast focusing and shooting capabilities of Sony's innovative Translucent Mirror Technology.

There is also a new vertical grip (VG-C1EM) that offers greater comfort during vertical shooting and can accommodate two separate NP-FW50 batteries for extended battery life and shooting time. A new BC-TRW compact external battery charger that quickly charges batteries and is great for travel and FA-CS1-MB off camera shoe allows the use of external flashes (HVL-43M, 20-MB) in off-camera wired applications. Additionally, the new LCS-ELCA premium soft leather carry case protects the 7 and 7R cameras from scuffs and marks while being carried.

Pricing and Availability

The Sony 7R and 7 full-frame interchangeable lens cameras will be available for purchase this December.

The 7R camera will be offered as a body-only for about $2300.

The Sony 7 compact system camera will be offered with a 28-70mm F3.5 -- F5.6 full-frame lens (model SEL2870) for about $2000. It will also be offered as a body-only for about $1700.

The versatile new LA-EA3 and LA-EA4 mount adapters will be available in December for about $200 and $350, respectively.

The new VG-C1EM vertical grip and LCS-ELCA premium case will also be available in December for about $300 and $ 140, respectively.

The new camera and all compatible accessories will be available at Sony retail stores and other authorized dealers nationwide.

Visit for a full video preview of the new Sony 7R and 7 full-frame cameras and follow #SonyAlpha on twitter for the latest camera news.

Sony Adds High-Performance Zoom Camera To Acclaimed Cyber-Shot RX Line

_New RX10 Model Combines Versatile 24-200mm (35mm equivalent) F2.8 Lens with Legendary RX Series Image Quality

SAN DIEGO -- Sony's new Cyber-shot RX10 camera adds a high-zoom model to its premium line of Cyber-shot RX series cameras.

The new camera features a 1.0-type, 20.2 effective megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor combined with an impressive 24-200mm (35mm equivalent) f2.8 Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T zoom lens to deliver the ultimate combination of performance and versatility in a high-zoom camera, giving photographers the ability to shoot impressive high-resolution still images and crisp, clear full HD videos with ease.

This unique pairing of large, high-resolution sensor and premium zoom lens is complemented by an advanced Bionz X processing engine and AF system, ensuring that all content shot with the new RX10 camera -- still images and full HD videos alike -- is richly detailed, crisp and continually in focus.

"The innovative new RX10 high-zoom camera is a natural extension to our popular RX family of products, carrying on its legacy of balancing compact size and high-performance imaging in the ultimate package," said Patrick Huang, director of the Cyber-shot camera business at Sony Electronics. "It's an unparalleled all-around performer that will leave enthusiasts, hobbyists and even professionals reaching for their dSLRs less and less."

Sensor and Lens

The new RX10 camera shares the same high-resolution, 1.0-type 20.2-Mp Exmor R CMOS sensor used in Sony's popular RX100 II compact camera. About 4x the size of a standard compact camera sensor, it excels in producing high quality images in all types of lighting conditions. The Bionz X processor is about 3x faster in processing speed compared to previous Bionz predecessors and reinforces the impressive image quality of the sensor by applying new detail reproduction technology and area-specific noise reduction. It also utilizes diffraction-reducing technologies, which compensates for the lens diffraction at smaller apertures.

The fixed Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T 24-200mm lens offers superb clarity and resolving power, with a wide f2.8 maximum aperture across the entire zoom range that delivers extra brightness and bolsters low-light capabilities. The wide aperture combined with a seven-bladed iris diaphragm allows for easy creation of professional-looking photos with smooth, defocused backgrounds.

AF System, EVF Viewfinder and LCD

The new Cyber-shot RX10 camera features an extremely speedy and responsive new contrast-detection autofocus system thanks to a new-generation Direct Drive SSM (Super Sonicwave Motor) mechanism that works with the Exmor R CMOS sensor and powerful Bionz X processor.

Additionally, the camera has lock-on AF that accurately tracks moving subjects, even if they disappear momentarily from the frame. Users also have a choice of three selectable sizes for the spot AF frame, cutting the risk of accidental focus errors with very small subjects. It also has an upgraded Eye AF that ensures crisp portraits focused accurately on the subject's eyes.

The new RX10 high-zoom camera can shoot at up to 10 frames per second with continuous autofocus. This capability combined with the advanced AF and versatile 200mm, constant aperture F2.8 lens makes it an outstanding choice for shooting fast action and sports.

The camera also features a high-contrast OLED Tru-Finder that provides crisp edge-to-edge visibility and a wide viewing angle of about 33 , as well as a clear, bright 3.0-type White Magic LCD tilts up or down for easy framing for even more compositional freedom.

Impressive Full HD Video Shooting

The Cyber-shot RX10 camera has a host of advanced HD video shooting capabilities, including the ability to capture full HD video either 60p (AVCHD progressive) or a cinematic 24p frame rate, with full control over PASM exposure modes. Additionally, the camera can read and process data from every one of the large sensor's pixels to create extremely smooth, highly-detailed Full HD videos. It also has a clear HDMI output which allows footage to be reviewed on an external monitor or recorded to a separate storage device.

The RX10 has an audio level meter with adjustable levels to ensure that movies sound as good as they look and there's a microphone jack and headphone output for accurate level monitoring. Further, the RX10 model is compatible with the XLR-K1-MB adapter, which takes users into the world of pro-quality sound recording and allows for the addition of an external microphone via a balanced XLR terminal.

Design and Control

Aesthetically, the new Cyber-shot RX10 features a variety of fully customizable controls and settings that offer dSLR-like flexibility for advanced users. The lens itself has a manual control ring that can be used for zoom or focus control, as well as a dedicated aperture ring that can be set to stepped (clicking) or smooth and silent (very useful for movies) when making adjustments.

The camera has six different customizable buttons plus a top-mounted LCD for instant confirmation of exposure and other key settings. The camera has a premium feel thanks to its light, rigid magnesium alloy build and is also dust- and moisture-resistant for use in outdoor situations.

WiFi and Other Convenient Features

The RX10 model has on-board WiFi for easy connection with any iOS or Android smartphone and features NFC (Near Field Communication) one-touch for simple connection to NFC-enabled Android devices. Consumers can share photos wirelessly on a connected mobile device, HD TV or home networked devices. Additionally, a connected phone can be used as a smart remote control to fire the camera's shutter.

The new camera plays back high-resolution still images directly on a connected 4K television, offering four times the detail of Full HD. It also features support for TRILUMINOS Color, delivering an impressive variety of rich, natural colors when content shot with the camera is played back on a compatible BRAVIA television with TRILUMINOS Display.

There's a range of compatible accessories for the RX10 camera including the new LCJ-RXE premium jacket case that protects the camera from dust and knocks. Additionally, the ECM-XYST1-MB Stereo Microphone can be attached via the camera's Multi Interface Shoe for crisp dialogue and ambient sounds while shooting HD video and the HVL-F43M flash and HVL-LEIR1 Video IR light ideal for capturing subjects and taking creative shots in low light.

Pricing and Availability

The Sony Cyber-shot RX10 high-zoom camera will be available for purchase this November for about $1300.

The new camera and all compatible accessories will be available at Sony retail stores and other authorized dealers nationwide.

Visit for a full video preview of the new Sony RX10 camera and follow #SonyCamera on twitter for the latest camera news.

Sony Introduces First Full-Frame E-Mount Lenses

Five Premium Full-Frame E-mount Lenses from Sony, Carl Zeiss and G Lens; Mount Adapters for new A7 and A7R Cameras and new A-mount Zoom Lens

SAN DIEGO -- Sony is announcing five new full-frame E-mount lenses and a set of innovative new mount adapters designed to complement Sony's new A7R and A7 full-frame mirrorless cameras. The ever-growing family of E-mount interchangeable lenses now totals 22 different models from Sony, Carl Zeiss and G lenses, giving shooters an impressive selection of creative tools to enhance their photographic world.

The new lens line-up features three advanced models from Carl Zeiss including two prime lenses -- a Sonnar T 55mm F1.8 ZA and Sonnar T 35mm f2.8 ZA model -- as well as a Vario Tessar T 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS mid-range zoom. Additionally, there is a Sony 28-70mm f3.5-5.6 OSS zoom lens and two premium zoom lenses from G Lens -- a 70-200mm f4 telephoto zoom for E-mount and a 70-200 f4 telephoto zoom for A-mount.

In addition to the A7 and A7R full-frame cameras, the new lenses fit any of the existing E-mount cameras including Sony's acclaimed NEX-6 and NEX-7 models.

The new LA-EA4 mount adapter adds compatibility for Sony's existing line of A-mount lenses as well as the focusing speed and power of Sony's innovative Translucent Mirror Technology to the new A7 and A7R cameras.

Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T 24-70mm f4 ZA OSS Zoom Lens (model SEL2470Z)

The new Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T 24-70mm f4 lens combines a versatile 24-70mm focal length with a useful f4 maximum aperture at all focal lengths, making it an ideal lens for portraits, landscapes and every day shooting. The new lens also features Optical SteadyShot for keeping shots crisp and clear at all focal lengths, even at slower shutter speeds.

The SEL2470Z is designed with five aspherical elements with one ED glass element, assuring images are highly detailed and accurate. Unique to Carl Zeiss, it also features T coating on optical surface which cuts glare and internal reflections to boost contrast.

Carl Zeiss Sonnar T 35mm f2.8 Lens (model SEL35F28Z)

The new Zeiss Sonnar T f2.8 lens is a wide-angle prime lens that features a popular 35mm focal length and bright maximum f2.8 aperture. Weighing in at only 120g, its unique combination of outstanding optics and small size makes it perfect for street photography, landscapes, interiors, low-light shooting and more.

The lens is also dust- and moisture-resistant and has Carl Zeiss T coating for reducing glare and higher contrast and detail in images.

Carl Zeiss Sonnar T 55mm f1.8 Lens (model SEL55F18Z)

The new Zeiss Sonnar T f1.8 lens is another high-quality Carl Zeiss prime lens that has an extra-bright f1.8 maximum aperture for pro-style background defocus effects, making it an outstanding choice for portraiture, low-light shooting and everyday photographic assignments lens. It also has a nine-bladed circular aperture, is dust and moisture resistant and Carl Zeiss T coating.

Sony 28-70mm f3.5-5.6 OSS Zoom Lens (model SEL2870)

The Sony SEL2870 mid-range zoom lens provides an outstanding introduction to full-frame imaging in a light, compact package. It will be paired as the kit lens for the new full-frame A7 camera.

The versatile lens features Optical SteadyShot and an advanced optical design with three aspherical elements and one ED glass element, which minimizes aberration and also minimizes size and weight for easier portability. It is also dust- and moisture-resistant, making it an idea travel companion for Sony's new full-frame E-mount cameras.

G Lens 70-200mm f4 OSS Telephoto Zoom Lens (model SEL70200-GB)

The new premium 70-200mm G Lens covers a generous zoom range of 70-200mm and is an ideal choice for travel photography and long-range shooting.

The innovative optical design of the new zoom reflects its G Lens pedigree. Two ED glass elements are combined with three aspherical elements for high resolution and contrast throughout the entire zoom range, minimizing distortion and color aberration.

Like the new Carl Zeiss prime lenses, the 70-200mm G model has a circular aperture that enables smooth, professional quality background defocus and maintains a constant f4 maximum aperture for plenty of brightness at all zoom settings. It also features Optical SteadyShot to cut the effects of camera shake while shooting.

G Lens 70-200mm f2.8-GB SSM II Telephoto Zoom Lens (model SAL70200GM2)

The newest addition to Sony's A-mount family, this evolved Mark 2 version of the coveted 70-200mm f2.8-GB Lens is an ideal choice for portraiture, sports and wildlife and more.

This premier-quality telephoto zoom offers an extremely bright f2.8 maximum aperture for excellent light-gathering at all focal lengths. Now approx. 4x faster than the preceding model, super-quiet autofocus now offers improved AF tracking of moving subjects compared with its predecessor. Optical performance is further enhanced with addition of Sony's proprietary Nano AR Coating that suppresses internal reflections for outstanding clarity contrast, from bright highlights to deepest blacks.

LA-EA4 and LA-EA3 Full-Frame Compatible A-Mount Lens Adapters

The new LA-EA4 is an adapter for E-mount cameras that is compatible with Sony's entire range of A-mount lenses -- spanning APS-C as well as full-frame models.

The unique adapter is equipped with Translucent Mirror Technology, adding extremely fast, accurate phase detection autofocus to any compatible A-mount lens (SAM or SSM) attached to an E-mount camera. This allows for fast moving subjects in focus at all times.

Also available, the LA-EA3 mount adapter lets photographers and videographers enjoy all benefits of full-frame shooting with their A-mount lens collection, however does not support autofocus.

Pricing and Availability

  • The new Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T 24-70mm f4 zoom lens will be available in January for about $1200.
  • The new Carl Zeiss Sonnar T 35mm f2.8 prime lens will be available in December for about $800.
  • The new Carl Zeiss Sonnar T 55mm f1.8 prime lens will be available in January for about $1000.
  • The new Sony 28-70mm f3.5 -- 5.6 OSS zoom lens will will be offered as the kit lens paired with the new Sony A7 Full-Frame E-mount camera for about $2000.
  • Pricing and availability for the new G Lens 70-200mm F4 OSS Telephoto zoom is still TBD.
  • The new G Lens 70-200mm F2.8-GB SSM II Telephoto Zoom Lens for A-mount cameras will be available in January for about $3000.
  • The versatile LA-EA4 and LA-EA3 mount adapters will be available in December for about $350 and $200 respectively.

The new lenses will all be available at Sony retail stores and other authorized dealers nationwide.

Visit for a full video preview of the new E-mount lenses and follow #SonyAlpha on twitter for the latest Alpha camera news.

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