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17 October 2013

Fotodiox has introduced two new 312-model LED lights and a larger 12x12-inch LED panel. The compact panels, which can lock onto each other to build larger units, feature locking barn doors, filters, battery operation and a backlit LCD panel showing light color, intensity and battery status. The smaller units even include a ballhead mount.

Fotodiox LEDs. The new 1024AL, 312DS and 312D with barn doors.

Both the 312D and 312DS, updates of the earlier 312 model, feature 213 LEDs and list for $164.95. The 312D includes daylight bulbs and the 213DS offers a mix of daylight and tungsten LEDs whose balance can be dialed in. The larger 1024AL is a daylight unit and lists for $529.95.

312D/DS Demo. The compact LEDs have an extensive list of accessories.

If they look a little small, it's nice to know you can snap them together into larger panels, as the video shows. We were also impressed with the extensive line of accessories, which include diffusers, gels, barn doors, batteries and the ballhead mount, making a versatile system. And the LCD panel on the back with the light temperature is a particularly welcome feature on the DS model.

We've requested review units to see how well they perform.

Fotodiox Announces New Additions to Signature Line of High-Intensity LED Lights

Next Generation Upgrades to Best-Selling LED Lighting Panels Offer More Portability, Control and Ease of Use for Amateur and Professional Photographers

Fotodiox, the leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality photography and videography accessories, has announced the availability of its next generation LED light panels; the Fotodiox LED-312D, LED-312DS and LED-1024AL. The new LED lights are compact and powerful, while remaining lightweight -- perfect for both studio and location shooting. Fotodiox's LED panels generate little heat, use little power and now the reduced bulk of these newest lights maximize portability and mounting possibilities to capture the perfect shot.

The three new LED panels feature all-metal barn doors to shape and control the light, while a locking system keeps the barn doors in place, no matter how the light is mounted. The lights feature a backlit LCD panel that displays the percentage of light intensity and remaining battery life, to avoid shutdown during the most important photo shoots.

"The new added features, especially the barn doors, make the new equipment ideal for photographers and videographers who want more control, while remaining compact and lightweight to carry on location," said Kelvin Luo, CEO of Fotodiox. "Our original LED lights were a big hit with both amateur and professional photographers and videographers and we're proud to be releasing the next generation of these high-intensity lighting solutions."

Fotodiox LED-312D

The Fotodiox LED-312D is a versatile professional grade LED light that comes equipped with 312 ultra-bright 5600k LEDs. The powerful daylight balanced LEDs offer a full spectrum of soft light, with full control over the light level from 10-100 percent. The light is equipped for fully cordless operation with the included lithium-ion battery packs and charger. A rear-mounted backlit LED status display shows both the remaining battery level and the light's brightness level.

Control and shape the light with the new, all-metal barn doors. Two included diffusion panels securely lock into place -- one panel softens the light even more and the second panel is for matching the 312-D's light's color temperature to match tungsten light sources.

Fotodiox LED-312DS

The Fotodiox LED-312DS is an equally powerful and professional LED light panel that shares the form factor of the 312D. Additionally, the 312-DS features a dedicated control to change the light's color temperature from 5600K daylight to 3200K tungsten color temperature or any level in between.

The light level is fully dimmable from 10-100 percent, as indicated by the rear-mounted backlit LCD status display. In addition to the real-time battery level monitor, you can also see the current color temperature output for maximum control of lighting settings.

Fotodiox Pro LED-1024AL

The Fotodiox Pro LED-1024AL comes with over 1,000 powerful LEDs in a compact (12" x 12") form. The 5600K daylight LED panel is lightweight, making it the ideal versatile and powerful lighting solution whether in the studio or on location. The complete kit includes the 1024AL light, all-metal mounting yoke, locking diffusion panel, AC adapter and a custom-fitted soft shell case with handle.

Availability and Pricing

All three of the new Fotodiox LED upgrades are available for immediate sale and each light kit comes with a 24 month manufacturer warranty.

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